About Us

At WebHostFreaks we pride ourselves on providing top-quality and high-performance web hosting. We provide our customers with the tools and technologies that are not only value-added services but business enablers. At WebhostFreaks providing our customers with a rock-solid web hosting service and support that’s second to none, helps us stand out from all of the rest. There’s never been a better time to have your website hosted, and with the professionals, at WebHostFreaks you can rest assured with peace of mind in knowing that a competent and friendly team is here to answer your questions, satisfy your concerns and make sure that your experience with us is always a smooth and pleasant one.

WebHostFreaks has been in the business of providing quality web hosting to clients of all sizes and interests. If it’s your goal to run a successful e-commerce business, then it’s our goal to help make you successful by providing you with the quality support you deserve, and the stability and scalability your business needs. If it’s your goal to establish an online presence, then it’s our goal too! Get started today by registering a domain name if you don’t already have one. If you do have a domain, then it can be transferred over. WebHostFreaks makes it easy for you to establish an online presence for whatever your goals are.

At the heart of our operation are these key values:

Absolute integrity in all dealings
Highest possible customer satisfaction
Provide excellent value for the money

In business specifics, we adhere to these principles:

Independent ownership of equipment and core operations, to assure that no outside interests affect our ability to serve customers
Solid business management and ethics in pursuit of building a stable, well-regarded business with loyal customer relationships